The cafe has closed. We are still available for custom cupcake orders. Contact us.

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The End

January 26, 2014

Today we have news to share with all of our friends and customers. The Lofty Café will be closing for good at the end of the day on Saturday, February 1st. We wanted to be up front and let everyone know why we will be closing.

Lofty has been around in different variations for about 3 years now. It started as a way for my mom to bake cupcakes for extra money on the side. We then transitioned to a food truck, then to the small drive thru in Tallmadge. The latest version was the Café and it became by far my favorite variation of the company. There was also a big change for this one in that it was just me and my husband as the owners. This meant many 40-60 hour weeks and lots of our own money to keep things moving. As sales ebbed and flowed with the weather, we would frequently talk about how long we would keep going. One thing that always kept us going was coming to work with our amazing employees Chris, Marley, and Brandi as well as the regular customers that we have become so close to.

But as we looked back on the year that we had, the realization we came to was that in a good year we break even. That means that we won’t have to pay out of our pocket to pay for bills but that also means we won’t get to take home a salary for running the business. There may be a time in our lives that we could invest 4-5 years in a business without it being profitable, but we’ve only been married for 2 years and I’m only 22 myself. Working so hard for pretty much no money for 3 years led us on a great journey that we learned a lot from, led us to gain many friends we never would have made, but it also made for one tired couple.

For us this closes a big chapter in our lives, one filled with friendship, laughs, and lots of cake. I’m looking forward to taking the summer off to decide what is next for me while supporting my husband and his full-time job he’s worked this whole time alongside helping me.

I wanted to thank a few people for helping us in this journey.
Rick Papaleo at A Best Kitchen helped us get all our equipment and gave us great advice and encouragement all along.
Erik Reagan is my husbands boss at Focus Lab and he gave me great advice and many business books to help me learn and grow as a boss.
Bill Kenney from Focus Lab helped us with a new logo and a new website that we have been so proud of.
We had so many customers but I don’t think anyone was as frequent as the crew at Self-Made Tattoos. We’ll miss Andi and all her co-workers.
The girls at Halo were also frequent visitors and made me feel so welcome that I just had to get my hair done there.
Zeke has been a recent customer that helped us to have many fun conversations to get us through the day and then also was there to explain to my husband why he’s wrong for not liking Star Wars.
Brent from Metropolis Popcorn was so welcoming to us that we just had to partner with him to serve his popcorn as the free side with our meals.
There were many more that supported us and frequented our store and we really appreciate you all.

Since this will be our last week we wanted to go out with a bang.
Cupcakes will be $1 each all week long. We are planning to bake a lot, so come on by for as many as you want.
All of our food entrees will also be just $4 all week long.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that we will see you this week!
Melody and Jonathan McGaha
Owners of The Lofty Café